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History of the Pushcart

Pushcarts have been a part of U.S. history since the late 1800’s. When      immigrants from Western and Eastern Europe migrated to this country to live the “ American Dream,” many wanted to open a shop, but rarely had enough money to purchase or even rent a space. Determined to make the “dream” a reality, most used what money they did have to buy wood and built a traveling shop or wooden cart where they could sell their wares. Before long, these same entrepreneurs banded together and established a kind of pushcart marketplace.

Perhaps one of the most popular areas where pushcart vendors are still quite prevalent is right in Boston. Weekdays at Quincy Market, and every Friday and Saturday at Haymarket, people converge on the city and can buy anything from fruit and fish to watches and jewelry from these vendors.

Named for the pushcarts that were stored in the alley behind the original building, Pat and his family were happy to greet and serve guests with delicious Italian fare that was homemade and always fresh.

Moving forward to 2010, Pat’s son, Joe along with wife Cheryl and two Children Toni-Ann and Joie-Ann have once again brought the pushcart legacy back.  Along with their experience and knowledge they have taken the friendly atmosphere, delicious authentic food, and quality service of Pat’s Pushcart Restaurant to the North Shore of Boston.